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    • Asia & EU: Chinese Defects To U.S. Due To Pandemic’s Origins

    Asia & EU: Chinese Defects To U.S. Due To Pandemic’s Origins

    Yorbing Staff Tuesday June 22, 2021. *Featured: Republic World, June 19, 2021. Some White Brits wants ‘White Privilege’ scraped… Worldwide effect of coronavirus…Sydney struggles… Short holiday…more to come later on—

    Asia & EU: Indian Covid ‘Delta’ Variant Strain Dominant In UK

    Yorbing Staff Monday June 21, 2021. *Featured: Arirang News, June 21, 2021 China’s premier market building tottering on collapse… Lava eggs in Iceland… More to come—

    Asia & EU: Russia’s Stalin Terror…UK Covid Rises…

    Yorbing Staff Friday June 18, 2021. *Featured: CBC News The National, June 17, 2021 China round up…. Europe to prevent mass extinctions…. More to come—

    AFTERNOON Africas: Nigerian Mafia In Italy

    Yorbing Staff Wednesday June 16, 2021. *Featured: DW News, June 16, 2021. Namibia is to lockdown for 14 days… Cameroon to host Africa Cup of Nations… South Africa rush for…

    AFTERNOON Asia & EU: German Police Vs Squatters In Berlin…

    Yorbing Staff Wednesday June 16, 2021. *Featured: Ruptly, June 16, 2021. More to come—

    Football…Racist Netanyahu Ousted As PM…

    Yorbing Staff Tuesday June 15, 202. *Featured: England, June 10, 2021. But first, racism against Palestinian model… China roundup… Fun facts about French football association…. More to come—

    Asia & EU: Pres. Macron Assaulted In The Face…😱

    Yorbing Staff Wednesday June 9, 2021. *Featured: Guardian News, June 8, 2021. On campaign trail… Explainers… Biden Admin. to stop China’s monopoly…. China salaciousness… More to come—

    Asia & EU: Isreali Bombs Gaza Family Home Twice…Footballl ⚽️…!

    Yorbing Staff Tuesday June 8, 2021. *Featured: Washington Post, June 7, 2021. English soccer to ease some stress…below Football skills in Premier League… China sport… More to come—

    Asia & EU: Israelis Arrest Activist…People Protest Large Cruise Ship

    Yorbing Staff Monday, June 7, 2021. *Featured: Guardian News, June 6, 2021. BAFTA TV Award, UK… More to come—

    Weekend RoundUp: All Black Oz Fashion Week, Bill Gate Saga…

    Yorbing Staff Saturday June 5, 2021. *Featured: Guardian News, June 5, 2021 Polar Ice meting fast… Football skills now… China round up… France to vaccinate foreigners… More to come—