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    Changing A Mindset, Ghanaian American Inventors Series II


    Oct 16, 2018
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    A Ghanaian American inventor, Dr. Thomas Mensah, is working to build a high speed bullet trains system in Accra with a Chinese company to Ghana. He presented at College of Engineering, KNUST Kumasi. Dr. Thomas Mensah is the genuis behind fibre optics and one of the four inventors of fibre optics. Dr. Mensah was the only Black among the four at Corning Glass Works. Without fibre optics there wont be companies like Google, Facebook. He has seven U.S. patents. Dr. Mensah said genius does not respect color. He is into robotics and nanotechnology. He said without his efforts the internet cannot function. He is the author of “The Right Stuff Comes In Blacks Too”,translated in French and Spanish, works on technology that protects people when they go into space. He’s also the author of “The Frontiers of Nanotechnology”, said STEM program can spark the interest of children into science and technology that he has made. He serves on the MIT Advisory board and served on American Institute of Aeronautics and a Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors. He’s basically the boss of the Chinese coming to build bullet trains with him to west Africa.

    It’s just incredulous. Congrats Dr. Thomas Mensah! African genius works are hidden in plain sight and we dont see or acknowledge it for its worth.

    Dr. Thomas Mensah is currently working on Hug Watches. I had the strangest feelings of why western Africa struggle so much to gain recognition and accolations – other like Indians and Chinese, including European whites, benefit and set up veritable companies at the expense of Africa hence we complain of the mindset of Africans and lack of inventions on a massive level.

    Dr. Mensah gives a small talk in Accra, Dec 14, 2017

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