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    Yorbing Staff Wednesday, September 3, 2020. *Featured: Pinterest.com By SSLGStatic.com [accessed Sept 3, 2020].

    OMG, where do I begin…? So, the first time I had an encounter with Google, was their Advertising Company, Ad-Click downtown Soho. It was for a job interview, to do pivot tables. I wanted the job so much (with a 40k salary) that I blanked out during the interview. Of course the interviewer, an imperious over-achiever Indian, Singh, told me a big no. Even after buying a second interviewer coffee. I was shocked. Singh was cruel.

    Then I went to do an MBA at Bond University (dont go there. Why? Their career office sucks – you’ll never get a job). The lecturers were simply told to fail students. And they sucked at teaching mathematics, Economics etc. Bond cut corners with a low salaried Indian lecturers, with no western values (from India proper and Indian-Mauritians…etc…go figure -stupid British). White Britons have this atavistic delight to use Indians to discriminate against other races, for some sheer frustrating reasons….Humph..!

    Ok, anyhow, I narrowly escaped an F in Economics and Failed in Mathematics the second semester. So I went home, laden with a huge $78k debt and an incomplete MBA.

    Fast forward to today, Google YouTube is messing up my mind. My Channel I set up, with an MBA hope (where I wrote a proposal -seriously – to open my own television station -hey I have a right, you know -tanked. Miserably. For decades.

    I grew up with Google. The first usage was at Montclair State University, where a lecturer (and a crush) introduced Google’s search engine for scholar references. I was hooked and never stopped using Google till now.

    I did not believe that Youtube will even grow up to this level when I wrote my MBA thesis because my business partner and I couldn’t figure out a very critical model for our Yorbing.com (then Pan & Focus News). I was hopeless.

    That might have something to do with my situation of entrepreneurship today.

    A shriek-head now telling me how to make money after all these freaking years..? How..? Video: Youtube Creators, Jan 22, 2019, Youtube.

    And some shit on how to make Live streaming, after my life is too ruined with little to show for it. I’m totally broke.

    Racism is the scepter of Google. They never employed Blacks on the scale that was needed to lift Blacks out of poverty even though Google was given Trillions of $$ for R&D. Video: Youtube Creators, July 14, 2020, Youtube.

    Google, Youtube etc, has ruined our chances for a good salaried life. Racism might be profitable, after all.

    To consider the small population of Black America, and not employ them enmass in tech but sideline them at Silicon Valley, caused BLM to spring up. Educated Blacks are deeply poor. And that is why I left the United States to Ghana. To start a new employment life.

    Girl, do I regret it. But I dont want to go back. To what…? The tech companies made sure no Black was employed, for a LONG TIME.

    I used to write covenant Agreements documents between me and the LORD, like Abraham and the LORD. I was desperate to be blessed like Abraham. So I woke up every Sunday at 3am to seek and be with the LORD.

    One day, after I was fired from Sovereign Bank (as they dishonestly transit to Santandar Bank) (due to hate), a fed up LORD came up to me at prayer time to give me a song. Bella Bellow was born as a result of that.

    And now me with an embarrassingly low Youtube viewage, yikes.. πŸ™ Video: Isabel Cofie, Yorbing.com, Sept 1, 2020, Youtube

    Anyway, more videos coming soon…

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