China Aggressively Seeks Tech For Its Military, Australia Huffs & Puffs

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Yorbing Staff, Friday May 29, 2020

*Featured: TRT World, May 27, 2020, Youtube

Today Australia (western empire) is questioning the military strategies that westerners used on hapless countries and now shocked as China does the same thing. Sky News Australia use Fox-Like tactics to scare scare-monger China. Is it working?

Australia counter threatens China’s threats with a Taiwan admission into the WTO as an independent country, which China desperately want to avert. Just listen to the argument. Remember, the West is as guilty in the virus spread as much as possible. Also, the West most of the time, uses American Flags as a proxy for trade wars, but its still pretty much the so called ‘Five Eyes’ group and their military everywhere they are playing.

China is feared to be destroying evidence of infecting the world and blaming ‘foreigners’ for bringing the virus into China? Or conveniently ‘a scientific issue’? Video: Sky News Australia, May 1, 2020, Youtube

Is this a China version of the Mongols Invasion of Europe? Well, The ‘West’ in this case (Western Europeans’ imperial reach across the globe), is touted especially by Australia, as its offensive stance against Communist China. China, in its defensive pose, argues that the coronavirus infectious spread is a ‘scientific issue’. The ‘West’ here takes credit for their own successes, and no one is going to take that from them. Meaning contemporary Western interests trumps world’s interests, all things being unequal.

Its just garbage what is coming out of China media, why did the virus come from the moon?
Video: CGTN, May 1, 2020, Youtube

China blatantly lies through its media that the virus doesn’t originate from them, forgetting MERS, SARs came from there…fucking morons.

Video: NTD, April 29, 2020, Youtube

Some companies implicated in collusion with the China Communist regime…

Video: NTD, April 27, 2020, Youtube

Australia gets into a stiff fight with China, as Australia is always in a talk-down mode…Part 1

Video: ABC News Australia, April 28, 2020, Youtube

And threatens its business partners…as proves gets stickier…Part 2…

Video: ABC News Australia, April 28, 2020, Youtube

Tensions come to a head as each becomes uncomfortable…

Video: 9 News Australia, April 29, 2020, Youtube

As the ‘West’s’ capital, America’s economy teeters on collapse…

Video: Al Jazeera English, April 30, 2020, Youtube

Its an obsession the ‘West’ is not willing to give up, just yet, until second Mongols comes along and whallops its heads..

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