China and Taiwan

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Yorbing Staff, January 13, 2019

Some people simply have long memories and its not about success. China should be fortunate that Taiwan wants to be different even though majority see themselves as Taiwanese instead of as Han or race or tribal. We are all different and should learn to appreciate those differences. Chinese Xi Jinping will be the very person to tell us that. We’ve listened to his speeches. We are not all penguins, you know. If I was China, my soft rise will support an independent Taiwan and not be similar to Europeans or U.S. Britain, whom we excoriate day and night to back off.

Let your soft rise be different from the rest of the hegemons and we will respect you China. No carrot and sticks, no looking down on others for your pompous asses, no Xinjiang torture and secret retraining camps, no controversies or questions of legitimacy as a world economic power. Do not try to change anybody, let them be! Be kind, understanding, empathetic. Do not repeat past mistakes and certainly dont show off any muscles on poor, hapless Taiwan or Hong Kong where I visited.

Fortunately, Taiwan is like Japan and thrives, its not poor where China would have to dole out some charity to help out or a dependent Taiwan.

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