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    China and U.S. Relations


    Jan 11, 2019
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    Yorbing Staff, January 11, 2019

    The topic is too male oriented and I resent that. It looks as if women’s opinion about world affairs is not to be taken into account, especially when women get the brunt of these war mongers. Its a men’s game and men got to talk about it, not a woman screaming for them to stop ruining their lives.

    First is white Europe world that is dominant worldwide, not individual European countries. Europe moves as one arm and operates as one entity, and move in the same political circles with various ideas as one, even though fractured they are a dominant force to be reckoned with as one race world wide. For example Alibaba vs Zuckerberg, Bill Gates (not Microsoft), Warren Buffett (not nasty named Hathaway), Rothschild aka central banking. Its a name versus entity. Singular versus tribal or collective.

    Location of Europeans locations are strategic, occupy tundra and cooler temp areas, possibly for their skin tone? Fights Black south Africans like hell, as if they do not deserve to live in icy part of earth alone.

    South China Seas belong to China and its Asian neighbors not Europeans turf yet Europe, not to be disrespectful here, goons, like to meddle in other people at their own turf. Why?

    The same thing Greeks in their rage invade ancient Egypt and occupied it till Assyrians (Arabs now) came to unseat them. Constant invasions by whites are particularly troubling. These white males think talking down nationals not belonging to their group is okay.

    Fatherhood wise white males are bad example for materialism, money, money and more comfortable money. Get comfortable lifestyle till you are flabby with comfort. They are great companions but damn cold individuals. I live with one. Always formenting with trouble and constantly make trouble. Commendable tech and progressive but aggressive and in-your-face warlike.

    China has a right to its own territories and has played safe all along. Middle Easterners has right to the seas around the Indian ocean, so is East African countries. For a neighborhood, Europeans do not have a reason to be there in the first place. The Pacific is the same, it belongs to those Asians economies not whites or their meddling trades networks. This meddling has caused many a war. Its not about international boundaries, then Iran and other the Middle East countries will want to patrol their own neighborhood. Why, are west Europeans police? There’s no such thing as the ‘American-based world order’. Its west Europeans’ unwanted occupation order we are talking about. Their presence can trigger numerous wars as it always does. There’s no freedom of navigation, not even a child will agree to a monster lurking in the corner threatening it and carving a lot for it to play colony. What, dont Europeans have a home to cook in? No farm lands? No potatoes? They are in South Africa, Namibia etc India with the same ‘freedom’ excuse. Rude ‘freedom’ to occupy other people’s land, seas just to ‘trade’? Trade what? European virtually has seized the earth where we play at.

    Nobody is as territorial as the west Europeans. Look at the Mexico border that Europeans hacked native Americans to death for. Look at Aborigines who never enjoy a single life. Look at India that is perpetually owned by ‘Britain’. Macao, Hong Kong, Singapore. That means the west wants and like the toys, the novelty of development, of fascination of other people’s might and wants of other exotic goods and services for its own pleasures. Idiots.

    Image: CBC.ca

    China and Asian economies also littered the world with so much environmental disasters its mind boggling.

    Depressing Imagery Market

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