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    China and U.S. Trades


    Sep 26, 2018
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    The U.S. Business news in particular are not divulging in the particular reasons for the trade wars with China. I listen to NPR’s MarketPlace I don’t hear any grave concerns. Either NPR is ignoring a painful truth or they are too busy chasing sensational stories and insatiable political gossips to pay close attention to a dangerous situation. The effects might be too late, but who cares? China’s tariffs are on honey, toothbrush, sunglasses, diapers, seat belts etc. and U.S. companies in China will also bear the brunt. Maybe this time, unlike the British opioid trade war, U.S. does have better products to sell or produce. Cars like Toyota or Samsung items or HSBC banking etc meaning they’ve long improved their exchanges. Both western countries and China have advanced. There’s something both side is not saying. 1. Its about China’s own people’s skills development and advance technology, advancement of China languages and poverty alleviation programs. The west is squandering its own gains after exploiting us for so long.The west is the same groups that wars in other economies, Vietnam? Anyone the Chinese wants to know what the west wants specifically. Africa have plenty of space and aspiration to trade with an old friend China? Ahem.

    The westerners are clearly aggressive, see CNBC “US Pushing China in Wrong Direction with Trade: Silvercrest Chief Strategist“. According to the strategist, Patrick Chovanec, U.S. should stick to their talk-down tactics and push China into a corner. First of all, they want money but why do they want to ‘change China’s behavior”? The moneybags at CNBC wants some form of aggression to force-feed the hardworking Chinese into their minions. U.S. can service China, in good spirit, by being honest at home, admit its own faults of being hegemons and not being forthright in trades. China does everything and westerners just enjoy ‘elitism’ and ‘prestige’. And by the way, U.S. under Trump have to play nice in order not to lose. China says its a win-win situation afterall.

    U.S. is demanding opened markets and for the Chinese ‘not to mess with U.S.’s companies in China’ said Mr. John Rutledge on CNBC. Maybe I’m stupid but what are U.S. companies doing in China in the first place? As FDIs? What does U.S. want without a throttling arm-holded guns? Everything is not buried in China. U.S. commerce strategists are not honest brokers. Well, Rutledge says Alibaba and Huawei are rooting for the U.S.

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