China Hits Back At U.S. Population Prospectors?

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Yorbing Staff Monday March 4, 2019

China is a homogenous society and should remain so. I wish the Europeans would have done the same thing and prosper the same. Then they would have to deal with racism in Europe.

People of African descent have become the by-word of unfortunate proportions, synonymous only to a defined term of the very poor.

Benevolent China solves the problem of the poverty-stricken Africans

The picture of a Black patient being looked after by a benign neat-looking Chinese benevolent doctor, is not cool.

Together, between European-Americans and Asians, Africans are your ‘problems’. The classic “the Whiteman’s burden” syndrome that China has adopted to its stance as a ‘world’ hegemon.

China has joined the racist west – they are in the east of Europe right? – to look down on Africa and Africans, not only in skits:

But also in trades.

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