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    China Pretends Its Not Hegemonic


    Jan 8, 2019
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    Yorbing Staff, January 8, 2019

    How Africans businesses should understand and prevent racism in trade with the other races. China must try to improve conditions for Africans to feel comfortable enough to do genuine business with them.

    Arabs, Asians, Europeans, they all do this. The question is: how is trade going to jeopardize or strengthen biases and how will it affect economic freedom of Africans in Diaspora and on the continent to do business across boundaries and survive? Its a painful story and a warning to all.

    Its all honky dory for Chinese professionals, ignoring racist attitude of old that might come up to haunt them one of these days or make costly mistakes if they keep brushing hard issues aside to do ‘trades’.

    I commend Prof He Wenping, Director of African Studies, CASS, for her professionalism and would expect both China and Africa to work at succeeding this time without overt mishaps and failures. The risk of racism should not be a yardstick for success. If China and Africa is ready to expand their trade network, they should succeed but not at the mercy of petty fights, name calling, mockeries and killings like Africans do to hapless Chinese in Uganda or elsewhere. I once watched on youtube Africans canning and butchering a Chinese to death. Stop calling on the name of the Lord and do the right thing. China want to improve certain fields in various economic sectors and they should be able to work hard except they must be careful to not mess up.

    To mature and succeed China and Africans must empathize with each other; how would the other feel if I do this act or say this thing? China has improved its products so much, Look at Huawei’s performance, even U.S. is shocked. The Ashanti king commended Kantanka cars for also improving the finesse of their cars and making it safer to drive on nasty roads. They have partnered with China, and China has a stake in Kantanka.

    A healthy dose of racism in attitude and history of genocide against ethnic groups is no innocence.

    Dutch love to spoof at scary ‘Blacks’

    Why trade if Africans’ appearance is an aberration to them. The history of Dutch invasion of Africa and its reasons to invade, makes it possible to dehumanize the other and defeat them in battle. China affirms that they will look down on Africans even if they ‘trade’. The norm for Chinese is to patronize Africans. They know no science and technology. China has to come and aid stupid Africans to build infrastructure for them.

    China trades with eastern African ‘savannah’ plains with moneys and a voluptuous African mama

    When you cannot defeat them, you mock them.

    Arabs, and christianity, the heinous of them all:


    Saudi Arabia. Image:Al Jazeera

    Arabs/Israelis or who ever they are:

    Tel Aviv christmas stupidity

    And the excuse: “The Christmas season began last week in The Netherlands and Belgium, and Saint Nicholas’ Day celebrations were also held in Jaffa port. Now the painted face of Sinterklaas’ black servant is arousing a racism controversy in Israel too.” Haaretz

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