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    China To Open Its Trade Doors To Africa


    Nov 11, 2018
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    Yorbing Staff, Nov 11, 2018

    More than 170 countries participated in China International Import Expo November 2018. Xi Jinping said economic globalization is an unstoppable trend and China seeks cooperation, not confrontation. African countries products to China include agriculture products and shift to more manufactured goods into China. A more value added products.
    China’s opening up is reaching a new level with this expo,for China’s increasing middle class, that has increasing purchasing power, some go abroad to shop but now the products will come to them in essence to be purchased at home. But principally what is the Chinese market seeking that African manufactured product can satisfy? What is the Chines market interested in? Access to that market is still up in the air. Africa has not been a manufacturing hub for ages, so its been slow to catch up to the burgeoning demands its population may look at.
    Chinese businesses might want to sell African products in China. Africa is still brain storming products might might win Chinese palates in China. – Climatic differences might be a defining factor, a challenge for would be goods manufacturers for Africans.
    In historical context Africa’s shortfall is its long time decline and many troubles, including colonization. Its time to shed off old mantels and meet modern Chinese trade partners and for itself its willing to survive for the next millennia or so. Its relationship with domineering Europeans must cease to a more proactive export of value added items.
    Africans entrepreneurs must think fast and hard to enter the markets available. There’s the need to keep exploring the Chinese markets because its a mature market for Africa products really. This panel does not have the answer right now. There’s a need for market surveys to determine which products might excel in the Chinese market and what will be a hit.
    For example Kenya has the best location but west Africa is further away from China so its a disadvantage. Studies has not been done for African potential in China.

    The question is, what do you think is worth the trade for that you exchange? Start the conversation and analysis and keep on talking and surveying the markets.


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