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    China & U.S. Vie For Dominance In Pakistan


    Dec 25, 2018
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    Yorbing Staff, December 25, 2018

    Wall Street Journal, Sept 2018

    Regionally China is practically next to Paskistan but India and its western Europeans seem to be contesting for the border land areas for domination and access to those areas. The western and Indian hawks are trying to block Jamuu and Kashmir and separate the area for themselves. Pakistan wants Jammu and Kashmir for itself. The map drawings of this particular area is wishful on both sides and both propagate for domination and reason to sway opinion their way.

    RT Take: Its about brain power and a focused government that encourages its people to excel not by exclusion and racism that declines innovations. U.S. killed its goose that lays the golden egg and expected the economy to run perfectly by proxy wars on its own members with a fake recessive financial crash and manipulation of its own  Dollar economy and division political system, entrenched enemy of Black people, its own devise to suppress. China seem united, one people, one race and succeeding.

    And previously on RT:
    A time will come when international markets will not even accept the Dollar as a must-have currency for international trade. If anger sets in against white hegemons, not even financial bullying will ease mindsets. 1)Dollar is used as leverage for power brokerage not remembering that the Dollar holds charm but endorsed by people to use it 2) Successful economies also hold their own currencies and can offset a change for the better, for example Africa countries can decide to forgo the Dollar to make their own. Pakistan/India area are not ‘close allies’ of western influencers, its the west’s breadbasket for 500 years. Its simply meddling Europeans who want in to the trade game in the area. Western hawks want divide and rule, cause a little division here and there and westerners get to stay and gain acceptation in the neighborhood (excluding the Arabs and Persians?) to make them feel they need whites in the trading zones and for the west’s enrichment.

    What is the importance of westerners in the Indian trade route zones? Remember Columbus was going there when he chanced on a next-door Island and grabbed it for food and other things. Dutch traders, British traders all go there to liaise with them. Its in the interest of westerners to have politicians that look like them to sway hearts, like Euro-Aryanism, to ganish the folklore. Its ok to drive a wedge between races there -Arabs indigenes, Arab Persians, Arab Pakistani, Arab India, Islamism etc.

    What attracted the west to the Indian ocean to China in the first place will be its own undoing until its rescued. Its not actually U.S. going to war with India Ocean neighbors but west Europeans again farting in a prayer room.

    Environmentally its been a hell basket in that neighborhood. Keep hatching wars. At the moment China is out-competing the western powers and typically the European multinationals forgot why their kings and queens went begging there in the first place. Ask Queen Isabella of Spain or the Royal Dutch East Indian Company. That area in the ‘Indian’ ocean to south China seas have always been an entrepot to trade gold. Maybe westerners glowering across the permanent abode, Australia will force a wedge between the trading route.

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