Christmas Hauls, Some Bad Sneakers For Men …

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Yorbing Staff Monday, Dec 21, 2020. *Featured: I AM RIO P., Dec 19, 2020, Youtube

An aggregation of some quality wants and needs to be combined…. πŸ”” πŸ”” πŸ””, our trademark style …enjoy…

Video: Devintage, Dec 20, 2020, Youtube

An expensive het up to brighten your mood to nowhere under lockdown …

Video: Monroe Steele, Dec 18, 2020, Youtube

Or strong …

Video: SimplyShannah, Dec 20, 2020, Youtube

Some conversation starters with complete strangers…hellooo…?

Video: SimplyShannah, Dec 5, 2020, Youtube


Video: SimplyShannah, Dec 16, 2020, Youtube

Chill at home cleaning if you have to …the world wont crater …well … in gorgeousness …

Video: iDesign8, Dec 21, 2020, Youtube

Some chic ..

Video: DadouChic, Dec 20, 2020, Youtube

More cometh —to be continued —

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