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    CNN Analyst, April Ryan Called a Loser By Trump


    Nov 10, 2018
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    Would CNN analyst April Ryan, Abby Philips and PBS Yamiche Alcindor being berated by a president is just like Khashoggi’s murder in Turkey and many others that fall victimized by a horrendous pack of leaders who is self adulating.
    April Ryan cites the Freedom of the Press of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

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    This attack on journalists might be a turning point for other draconian leaders to emulate and attack journalists in other countries. It must be stopped.
    Journalists just do their jobs by questioning authority, a check on power as part of the fourth estate in government.
    If prosecutors in the Turkish Khashoggi case look at how Sarah Huckabee handles the whitehouse press course and do likewise, many will be hunted and maybe, destroyed.
    Disdain of the press is just like Khashoggi’s nemesis, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia and the impasse that has brought by his murderous rage against journalists. Trump and Sarah Huckabee must be reined-in.
    What is the consequences for attacking journalists in the fourth estate?
    As a president Trump’s words have consequences. The constitution is weak on the Freedom of the Press as a Fourth Estate and must be rectified for it to operate truly freely.
    The First Amendment is a child’s play and must be amended to spell out irrevocably what the Press stands for and its governmental role as the fourth estate in government and in the constitution. As it stands currently, is not enough.

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