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    CNN Marc Lamont Hill Fired For Telling The Truth


    Dec 1, 2018
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    There is nothing wrong with the speech for CNN to fire Marc Lamont Hill. Fake Israel and fake European “Israelis”.

    Racist Europeans settle on the Middle East borders and call it modernday “Israel” and they are the classic ‘chosen’ race to cause horrific human right in Palestine and destroy many lives with the overt support of their European doggone “Christians” (who use the christian mantel to enslave and lure people to heinous crimes against humanity and call themselves righteous). Racist Europeans act upon the banner of being “Jews”, even without any cultural ties to Ethiopians or Arabs from Iraq or Iran and boast they are “Jews” and religious Judaists to do crimes against humanity, without recourse or rebuke. They’ve gone on far too long and must be stopped.
    Sorry Lamont and all Muslims for your pains, sorry from the Lord also my love of the Lord never ceases for you people, may He grant you peace.

    A free Palestine from the river to the sea. The Mediterranean sea located in northern Africa, of African continent and African borders. There is practically nowhere that vulnerable people can safely dwell without cavorting whites going there to disrupt their daily lives. Indigenous people suffer and Palestine kids suffer, Yemeni children are the most destroyed people on earth!

    CNN operates in self adulation. Its time to stop racism at CNN. Stop putting yourselves in front of us and parading as righteous when you are conservative in your whiteness to continue to dominate. CNN is not objective. CNN is given into irrationality. Anti-Defamation? What is Anti-Defamation? The truth is the truth. Stop hiding behind institutions designed to protect real vulnerable people.
    There is no such thing as the State of Israel! Assholes.

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