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    Compassionate China


    Sep 30, 2018
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    New China TV is one of the few documentary tv programmers that narrates the Africa-China partnerships authentically. China’s achievement in Africa is great and fast eroding the long annoying and most of the time deadly impoverishment that beset Africa on a large scale for so long. Chinese and with African leaders response is really a novelty to behold, as they open up Africa to see the endemic system and normalized scale of poverty in its starkness. They go down to the neediest. Hopefully it will bring down negative population growth and stabilize it. Its a managed attempt, in a surprising way, to tamp-down the long term effects of poverty and lack of knowledge with skills. No one could have done it better than China, a purposeful and leading champions, highly commendable. I spoke about modernism in my upcoming book, ‘Child Labor in the Streets of Metro Accra” and wondered about the skills level of those in power. I just hate it when Europeans take credit of pragmatic commonsense people. They dont have to be godly people because action speaks louder than words.

    Marxism failed in most circumstances, I dont even know what that is. Its the new attitude of the Chinese own initiative and spirit of goodwill gestures and their own militarism that we are looking at. Nothing more, nothing less. Let them succeed. Its called common decency.

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