• Mon. Jul 4th, 2022
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    Leave Chinese People Alone, Take the Mote Out First

    Africans are notorious in complaining about racism but mistreat Chinese in Africa too. Chinese in Africa has been mugged, beaten, killed and some times fear for their lives in Africa. Why? Africans have been doing just that without much media attention because it is deemed discriminatory by other races than Africans. I’ve watched Ghana professional musicians snob talented Chinese singers and those who are willing to be part of Ghanaian society. I grew up with Asians: north and south Koreans, and Chinese. Chinese are nice people. Who is not frightened when foreigners flood their country? The difficulty is on both side to keep communication open and work extra hard to solve these problems. What China has initiated no one has done that for Africans for a long time. Its commendable.

    Chinese in Senegal also express a lot of animosity towards them because of their economic partnership with the Senegalese government. The Senegalese government need to actively the citizens to clean up their markets and internationalize. The markets are too filthy and poor. Poverty seeped through every facet of the economic activity areas and not enough clean environment for international citizens to participate in the local growth of their own very economy. The Senegalese customer benefits competition. Maybe its time west Africans in particular to build modern, clean hygenic market environment. This particular anomaly trips Africa throughout the world as we watch their environment and its filths. Clean up your own acts before you complain. Africa does not belong to Africans alone. Infact its very rude to leave environment this filthy and dont expect any shock reaction in return. Number one complain is lack of decent, clean environment.

    The global market is fiercely efficient and strives for excellence and I can bet you the Chinese are under tremendous pressure to over-perform to prove their worth and trust in their products. Have you?

    You’ve got to remember that White Americans dominate the economy ownership class because they want it, hence the so-called supremacy, its also business domination

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