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    CononaVirus: China Is Sick But Ghana Still Takes Money From Them? How Sickening


    Apr 6, 2020
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    Yorbing Staff Monday April 6, 2020

    *Featured: GhanaWeb TV, April 6, 2020, Youtube

    This is the most disgraceful, sickening move of Ghana to take money or ‘donations’ from a troubled trade partner that is deeply in trouble. Ghana’s begging and excoriative acceptance of monies from international donors spoils them to not give to those in dire need of help. It makes them more of a receptive than givers. They might not have thought about it but it wrong and they must give in return, especially in time of trouble.

    Ghana should be sufficiently equipped to take care of its own people. Ghana’s ‘developing’ state has gotten into their heads and keeps the status quo conveniently safe for them to keep begging.

    They put people in a compromising situations where they are always in need of a help when in actual fact they might be replete and needs a little push to give in kind.


    The government should inject their own currency into the markets by reasonable amount of monies to sustain its private-sector labor force so they dont starve of cash, as they are blindly doing in a bizarre lockdown without a credit research on why there’s mass hysteria of a coronavirus. Shame!

    Some businesses and street traders including Uber drivers, harbor clearing agents, hair dressers, sew contractors, private school teachers are without incentive in the lockdown. The Police are hollering at people at wit and sometimes wont back down with reason, what is this?

    Put monies into people’s pockets by stimulus means to ease off the pressures of the lockdown. Fucking morons.

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