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    Contemporary European-American Women’s View


    Jan 21, 2019
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    WNYC, The Take Away January 21, 2019

    Does European-Americans benefit from American patriarchy? Yes. Of course European Americans’ representation is on equal footing with their male counterpart (crap no), they do support them. They are hugely the beneficiaries of this hate that besets American politics. Largely so. They are the richest group of people in the western orbit, not to mention, or compared to Asians. Asians fare economically better than any other groups. On average they have higher income than European-Americans. Overall Asians look to challenge European Americans for wealth and prestige.

    Happily whites, sweet.

    If you have these men as American leaders without African American leadership, what do you have?

    Amenable British American, Republican Lindsey Graham.

    Compare European Americans women’s companies versus African American women’s companies, and the study is…? Too broad to quantify and too fatigued a topic. But its the same sob story-line. For example if policy makers say that African American business women face capital constraints and difficulty accessing grants and credits, why dont they just solve the damn problem? Patriarchy.

    I forgive thy sins, O Kavanaugh. Snarl and intimidate, you will get the job.

    And European America women? They are distantly content for their men to hold the rein without giving up or that top job, not for all the cows in Texas. So far as they are happily esconced as human resource managers, its magical that most of the workers will be wonderfully white. The fact that even the Federal Bank knows how difficult African American women businesses face is itself damning. Yet they dont extend their largese to reach these needy women, even though they are well to do men and women of European heritage. As if African Americans are to consistently battle with an otherwise a partner of country building, and even excel more at inventions than peers. There’s a desire to viciously hold on and not share power or influence.

    The way European American women refer to their compatriots and labels them as ‘colored’, ‘minorities’, ‘black’ is shocking. European American women intellectuals are as virulent as their male counterpart and never forgives. They devastatingly sided with their males to affirm how righteous Kavanaugh was even though one of their sisters faced a heinous crime we all know about, at some point in life.

    Exhausted women slumped down at the US Mexico border, dozing off.

    European American women, contemporaneously, are concerned about money and the comforts of life and some corporate crumbs thrown their way by their cruel brethren. This comes straight from European’s lifestyle, for example, their spurious denial that they violate immigration clauses more than any other groups to America and yet attack those vulnerable populations of not European-descent not to cross a borderline to a safe American haven, just because they are the ones occupying it. Shame.

    We shall …win

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