CoronaVirus Africa: Ghana’s Re-Opening Of Churches, Schools In June 5, Cases Over 8000

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Yorbing Staff Sunday May 31, 2020

*Featured: GhanaWeb, May 31, 2020, Youtube

Churches and mosques to reopen per 100 people while cases climb to over 8000…while those addicted to religious services can attend services with social distance restrictions.

Ghanaian expats from Kuwait arrives to Ghana and some tested positive to the virus…

Video: CitiTuve, May 28, 2020, Youtube

Ghana tentatively opens up some institutions….

Video: CitiTube, May 26, 2020, Youtube

How Ghana tries to normalize daily routines …

Video: GhanaWeb, May 22, 2020, Youtube

Nigeria’s health system seem to change slightly…

Video: TV360 Nigeria, May 25, 2020, Youtube

And traveling is still scary…

Video: BBC Travel Show, May 23, 3030, Youtube

Africa on tenterhooks….

Video: Al Jazeera English, May 29, 2020, Youtube

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