CoronaVirus: Africans Suffer In The Streets In China

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Yorbing Staff Friday April 10, 2020

*Featured: China In Focus – NTD, April 10, 2020, Youtube

Accusations flying around and revealed…

Video: Sky News Australia, April 9, 2020, Youtube

The full story…

Video: Sky News Australia, April 5, 2020, Youtube

Homeless Suffer…these are victims of the whole messy system and have to undergo painful events to cause them more sufferings….why?

Kenyans suffer in China…

Video: KTN News, April 9, 2020, Youtube

And deep blame against innocent Africans in China…

Video: Kenya Citizens TV, April 9, 2020, Youtube


Video: Al Jazeera English, March 21, 2020, Youtube

Threat of public safety occurs due to governments’ own hysterically attitude towards the ‘pandemic’, populations on the move causes more chaos…

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