CoronaVirus Americas: Brazilians Fight Bolsonaro

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Yorbing Staff Sunday May 31, 2020

*Featured: TRT World, May 31, 2020, Youtube

Bolsonaro rants…

Video: Daily Mail, May 25, 2020, Youtube

And eats while …

Video: Daily Mail. May 26, 2020, Youtube

A grim picture…

Video: AP Archive, May 26, 2020, Youtube

Anti-Bolsonara fight in the streets….

Video: Bloomberg QuickTake, May 31, 2020, Yotube

To vent their anger…

Video: RT, May 31, 2020, Youtube

As Brazilians become infected and suffer…

Video: Channel 4 News, May 29, 2020, Youtube

While graves quickly fill up…

Video: iTV News, May 29, 2020, Youtube

And how the infected are living and spreading the virus…

Video: France 24 English, May 28, 2020, Youtube

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