CoronaVirus Americas: Gov. Cuomo Gives Briefing, Is The Tracking Covid Infection Rate Right Or Wrong?

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Yorbing Staff Tuesday May 5, 2020.

*Featured: Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, May 3, 2020, Youtube,

And how to mitigate the system so it does not messed up with the normal death rate of New York city? Gov. Cuomo has been accused of causing the high infection rate in NY because he was involved in the closure and cutting of healthcare system in the country, causing it to be vulnerable to the pandemic.

Video: CBS New York, Jan 21, 2020, Youtube

Gov Cuomo want to know how people contact the disease in the first place. To detect whether people have been really infected or the number inflated. The tests might be too broad a sweep to be comforting. It might involve some uninfected people who might not be infected in the first place.

Video: News Today, May 3, 2020, Youtube

The Governor gives a briefing about the state of the infection and fatality rates in New York. Its a question that every body is asking for. Would it be right or wrong?

The term ‘Pandemic’ by WHO might be another mistake or is it right and how to mitigate the hysteria in order to find soothing solution to otherwise, a difficult situation. A flu pandemic might be better suited to such a situation except its more of a virus??? Protests about the lockdowns…

Video: ABC News, May 1, 2020, Youtube

Tenants suffer in the meantime…

Video: PBS Newshour, May 2, 2020, Youtube

But why is China hiding evidence of the virus coming from Wuhan or their stinking lab somewhere? Their own people are dying daily…

Video: NTD, May 1, 2020, Youtube

Check Canada’s connection to China from 9:39 of the story…basically that China uses money to get its way …

Video: NTD, April 30, 2020, Youtube

We are yet to know what is trending at the moment. Adieus for now.

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