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    CoronaVirus Americas: My Deepest Condolences To My Country U.S.


    Apr 17, 2020
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    Yorbing Staff Friday April 17, 2020

    Featured Image: Pinterest by T October, [accessed April 17, 2020].

    So rebelling against the authority, previous Obama Administration’s authority fundamentally and substantially, weakened America’s economic, health, political systems. It was destroyed base on this fact. After George Bush warred in the Middle East, his government was voted out to be replaced by Democrats’ Obama who was rough-shod and overlooked by rebellious Republicans and White populations, en-mass, for their refusal to accept a “Black man’s’ leadership skills and discredited him. And stupid Obama did not look to his own people within the United States. He was spoofed and stripped of his mandation to bare-bones, and no one dared to speak to him or the Black population about U.S. economic health and prospects to be corrected within America itself. America is deeply poor, O dont be fooled by those tall neat buildings. Real Americans do not enjoy their own country. They always have to contend with foreigners who wants their jobs, houses and to be citizens. Unreasonable and bizarre migrations and competing monopolies spread the virus. This rift cause U.S. to be so weakened, first by incessant wars, deep racism, economic domineering monopolies and illicit dealings with corrupt Europe and environment-killing Asians and lazy weak Africans. Leaders own economic policies brought on coronavirus to its killing field. Politicians lied about the real declined of the economic state of the US, and did not give in to universal health policies. Monopolic companies simply extended to China, and left massive unemployment in its wake. The Amazon forest is being ripped into shreds. We will all die if we don’t change.

    Video: Al Jazeera English, April 17, 2020, Youtube

    We are in pain to see U.S. suffer soo much. May The Lord Messiah console you in your hour of great need, please be healed soon.

    Video: Good Morning America, April 12, 2020, Youtube

    First get protection as being recommended…

    Video: Wired, April 8, 2020, Youtube

    NBC News on the grim picture ravaging New York city and beyond…

    Video: NBC News, April 15, 2020, Youtube

    It might be a new normal, get use to it buddies. We are out for now, peace out 🙂

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