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    CoronaVirus Americas: Race For Vaccine


    May 6, 2020
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    Yorbing Staff Wednesday May 6, 2020

    *Featured: ABC News, May 2, 2020, Youtube.

    President Obama during his tenure gave America a great King Solomonic peace. and America prospered and became great…President Obama should not be a hegemon to come back again, there are yet many equally talented Black Americans that can do a much better job than Pres. Obama. Let seek those talents out….President Obama made an obvious mistake, and that is, not actively surrounding himself with great African-American professionals, to make it distinct, to run the country. He did not do that. Also the American youth, I mean those who voted for him, were totally ignored. There wasn’t a single youthful minister in his cabinet. It shocked us and made us quiet throughout his tenure. Graduate unemployment was steep but it was kept under wraps, nobody spoke about it while people suffered unemployment during that heinous austerity era. The love for President Obama was tainted with Occupy Wall Street and many others I can’t mention here.

    Video: MSNBC, April 30, 2020, Youtube

    Asian Boss on their country’s vaccine solution…

    Video: Asian Boss, April 25, 2020, Youtube

    Antibodies and bloodtypes…(just peep a little before you go crazy)…

    Video: Dr.WD40, March March 19, 2020, Youtube

    A little in-depth look for how the disease work (check out some research and its antecedents) and how medication is being developed…Is this some infomercial also?

    Video: Real Science, April 18, 2020, Youtube

    And why the vaccine is so important…Brazil gets the brunt of the virus, first brought into the country by a woman from London…

    Video: Al Jazeera English, May 5, 2020, Youtube

    As drama keeps unfolding in China…as told by its arch-enemy, NTD….

    Video: China In Focus – NTD, May 5, 2020, Youtube

    And denial pot-heads…with deep political shit…if this particular problem of China’s is not solved quickly, meaning, for them to be forthright and transparent…

    Video: Sky News Australia, April 6, 2020, Youtube

    People will continue to drop off like nothing else….as China plays right into the arms of its many foes…The Falun Gong gang and Communist haters and of course, rivals, and those China offended in the South China sea debacle…

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