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Yorbing Staff Friday April 24, 2020.

*Featured: Inside Edition, March 19, 2020, Youtube

U.S. leaders brainstorm on how to solve their pandemic problems looking smart…Governor Cuomo posits that fund must be available to police and fighters. The Police and Firefighters are not at the forefront of the coronavirus, its healthworkers, including doctors, nurses etc The war front is the health facilities, then those health workers who are fighting for their lives as they themselves get infected. It is the virologists and supporting scientists working on vaccines, medicines and those tutoring on how to survive the pandemic like WHO, etc that should get funded.

I think its time politicians step aside for scientists to take control and solve the problem. Politicians might be good managers but they certainly are not virologists or scientists or health workers.

Video: MSNBC, April 23, 2020, Youtube

The Police and Firefighters are full to the max with money. They are well loved and funded even since Occupy Wall Street, 9/11 etc

The nasty police and firefighters are not patrolling the streets, its the health workers that are pitifully over worked and dying.

Then there are the lifeblood of the country, small businesses and startups that make up majority of the economy. What?! The mere fact that this country have tried to be as monopolistic as much doesn’t mean people cannot work on their talents to contribute to whatever denials and refusals they’ve faced overtime.

Its time politicians take a PAY CUT, like we all did during the austerity time. Stop getting paid for once so that THOSE WHO REALLY TRULY NEED THE MONEY SHOULD GET IT. Many people have suffured long and hard throughout the financial crisis, austerity and now this. NO fucking MORE.

And restore the healthcare coverage that is sensible and affordable, for Christ’s Sakes!

Or we will kick you all out of office, Idiots! You hate the poor and love being rich, fucking morons.

Al Jazeera English…

Video: ABC News, April 16, 2020, Youtube

Scientists need to explain the enormity of the pandemic and its measures to stay off the streets because when they mingle, nothing seem to happen, until an unknowing infected person passes it on to an unaffected person, then it re-spreads to others…so partial lockdown might seem a better idea than a complete lockdown if people cannot survive without food because humans are part of nature, destructive though they are.

Video: ABC News, April 19, 2020, Youtube

These protestors are not busy looking for vaccines, they are just on the streets with their wanton needs to be met. Hundreds of people are still dying but the protestors are like sheep to the slaughter and totally spoiled to getting their way, up to a point.

The virus is an evolved and mutated version of previous SARS. By this method of refusals to lockdowns, infection rates will climb higher as said by scientists. The slight curve down will rise, putting the health workers’ life at risk and the healthcare system collapsing.

The government has shown itself to be inept, so people must make decisions to stay indoors and save their own lives and only go out if absolutely necessary, exercise in your yards or compounds.

Inaccurate scientific results and fashionable masks wont solve the pandemic problems, if so, scientists would have solves the death rate much earlier in the game. Yale Scientists warn that they are yet to develop an effect immunization vaccines so any attempt to ignore the warnings of the prerequisites of prevention will prove deadly.

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