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    CoronaVirus And Dangers Of Global Trades Routes


    Mar 27, 2020
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    Yorbing Staff, Friday March 27, 2020

    *Featured: MedCram-Medical Lectures Explained CLEARLY, March 26, 2020, Youtube.

    China again unknowingly or forgetfully raise to life a dangerous disease spread that almost killed Europe, the Black Deaths. What China did, that greedy rich Europeans again did, was to reveal the same old terrible consequences for greed and spread of diseases in the world. Look at the evidence and stop the trade system, its too dangerous.

    Video: Penn Museum, Feb 7, 2011, Youtube

    This China-World trade system which US and Europe in particular pushed to the limit, irrespective of the fact that it was unsustainable, unethical and killed off local talents and startup businesses and caused severe shortage of money and into the pockets of the very rich who benefited from it, came to harm us again.

    Video: Crash Course, March 22, 2012, Youtube

    History is there to warn us but greedy ‘innovative’ people resurrect it again and again. We must stop government policies that spread these kind of plagues and diseases.

    Video: National Geographic, April 8, 2018, Youtube

    Government must not control businesses, they should guard against things like these and put laws in place that foster such calamities from occurring. But rather they jumped in and caused the most heinous recessions, fake money scarcity and cruelly withholding money from those who need them.

    Why do governments and their colluders keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again?

    Video: WatchMoJo.com, April 19, 2015, Youtube

    Stop the world trade systems because its environmentally degrading and too devastating for humans…European narrations always push blame from their greedy activities unto the poorest African countries. Then Europe becomes vulnerable and their massive populations start dying. Very sad indeed. Asia starts, aids and abets this system to thrive, again and again.

    CNN killed it in modern terms…

    Video: Mantero 1902, Nov 20, 2017, Youtube

    Global trades and travels bring plaques, terrorism, and other dangers. Stop it.

    Down draconian governments that aids and abets these greedy systems in America, China, Europe, and Africa…

    Video: Brut India, March 18, 2020, Youtube

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