CoronaVirus Asia: A Closer Look At Origins Of The Virus

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Yorbing Staff Saturday April 18, 2020

*Featured: The Supreme, Jan 30, 2020, Youtube. Asia’s own habit of ‘exotic edibles’ eating habits brought on the nasty virus, not through Africans. Morons.

There’s been an interesting article from Victims of Communism website referred to by journalist, Joshua Philipp…Please read at least 3-4 paragraph of the statement. China was arresting whistleblowers of the narration that did not fit the China government’s. No wonder the China government was afraid African bloggers might unintentionally reveal the truth so they started, pre-emptively, kicking them out before they reveal any damning evidence.

Image:, April 18, 2020.

Asia’s own exotic palate caused its downfall? What does China wants us to do?

Video: South China Morning Post, Oct 7, 2019, Youtube

The unseen eaten by Asia in particular…by Earth Titans…

Video: Earth Titans, March 28, 2020, Youtube

Asian Boss has some take on incubation period…pay attention to the first interview below.

Video: Asian Boss, April 14, 2020, Youtube

Below is the previous interview…

Video: Asian Boss, March 27, 2020, Youtube

But look at some of the market secret they harbor…previous on Best Ever Food Review Show…

Video: Best Ever Food Review Show,

An innocent bidding to the world…hey no Blacks welcomed here, ok?

Innocent market by locally international standard, Video: Globik, June 18, 2018, Youtube

A little politics amidst the horror…

Video: Sky News Australia, April 15, 2020, Youtube

Today’s tidbits, China In Focus…

Video: China In Focus – NTD, April 16, 2020, Youtube

China In Focus…

Video: China In Focus – NTD, April 15, 2020, Youtube

Perhaps if migrating Europeans will stop cavorting into the continental Asia, the diseases wouldn’t be spreading so rapidly….Europe seem to fuck up every race on earth.

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