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    CoronaVirus Asia: China In Hot Water As It Hides The Origin Of The Virus


    Apr 23, 2020
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    Yorbing Staff Friday April 24, 2020

    *Featured: ABC News (Australia), April 22, 2020, Youtube

    France’s president, Macron, doesn’t think China can better handle the pandemic spreading the world because it is not transparent and unable to handle such crisis. Leaders are therefore demanding that China explain the origin of the virus. China has pretty much left the world scrambling for an explanation and held everyone in fear of the deadly virus which China can’t seem to control.

    Video: The Epoch Times, April 23, 2020, Youtube

    As U.S. leadership wobbles…

    Video: MSNBC, April 23, 2020, Youtube

    China In Focus – NTD…

    Video: China In Focus – NTD, April 23, 2020, Youtube

    And war-mongering Whites’ explanation of the quarreling in the sea…

    Video: ABC News (Australia), April 22, 2020, Youtube

    From U.S. side…

    Video: Dot Com News, April 20, 2020, Youtube

    Some f** morons playing games as usual while coronavirus ravages…

    Video: USA Military, April 23, 2020, Youtube

    And greedy China’s reason…

    Video: News Direct, July 3, 2019, Youtube

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