CoronaVirus Asia: China Media, Leave Trump Alone! Tiffs With Fox, Its Insidious Influence

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Yorbing Staff TuesdayMay 12, 2020

*Featured: China In Focus – NTD, May 12, 2020, Youtube

One thing I’ve noticed is that Chinese-American diaspora doesn’t seem to apologize to anybody or acknowledge how terrible China Communist government is behaving. Leave Trump alone, for once, its not his call to answer to China’s rage on the world, isn’t U.S. the worse hit country? Instead of Pres. Obama to help with his resources, he is partisaning (yes, I just made a word) for election win, the very thing he promised not to do. People are dying, who is in the mood for bullshit? Everybody attacks Trump, does it mean Chinese media also have to attack him?

Video: Reuters, May 11, 2020, Youtube

Yes, America’s Fox might be a crazy ass b*tch, but so is China’s denial of spreading the virus to the world…

Video: CGTN, April 28, 2020, Youtube

Omg, listen below…

This is the extent of China’s power as we know it…previously…

Video: CNBC, Oct 19, 2017, Youtube

The extent of China’s influence was pretty wide and cavorting….

Video: CNBC International, Jan 10, 2019, Youtube

China’s infiltration, aka trade network, is wide and deep. It will take a lot to dislodge them.

This is their pride and investments…

Video: CNBC International, March 23, 2020, Youtube

And their prowess, TikTok…

Video: CNBC International, July 12, 2019, Youtube

And keels its competitors…The sheer realization that China pushes for world domination and a leery anti-Christ tenets, is hard to ignore.

Video: CNBC International, Oct 2, 2019, Youtube

Their people still insist on influencing unsuspecting public and, markedly, do not apologize for the deaths that has swept the world due to their governments’ mean-spiritness.

Video: CBS This Morning, March 6, 2020, Youtube

Some of their prideful ‘spies, are well integrated into the social fabric of America with some fake heartfelt priviledges which they want to dice up for themselves, while their government take up America systematically.

Try to take back what they’ve ‘acquired’ and then see how vicious things will get. You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Video: DJVLAD, May 2, 2020, Youtube

These hegemons never learn a lesson, if you try and succeed somehow, its might not be conquerable after-all.

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