CoronaVirus Asia: China On The Low Down? FL Spike, The Koreas

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Yorbing Staff Friday June 26, 2020

*Featured: Al Jazeera English, June 26, 2020, Youtube

China In Focus’s TidBits…please watch for updates..

Video: China In Focus, June 26, 2020, Youtube

The Gorges dam was questioned …

Video: Journeyman Pictures, Nov 7, 2018, Youtube

And below…

Video: The CrossRoads With Joshua Philipp, June 26, 2020, Youtube

In the US, there a threat of a spike…

Video: CNBC Television, June 25, 2020, Youtube

Brazil’s Bolsonaro wont budge on virus infection rate ravaging the country…below…

Video: Vice News, June 24, 2020, Youtube

South Korea’s cases persist…

Video: Arirang News, June 25, 2020, Youtube

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