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    CoronaVirus Asia: China’s Covid Still Trending


    Jun 19, 2020
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    Yorbing Staff Friday June 19, 2020

    *Featured: ChinaDaily.com, ‘China Highly Responsible In Curbing Virus Spread’, Jan 21, 2020. [accessed June 19, 2020].

    So when we were out crushing some U.S. police skulls, China was still loco

    A little reticent but trending…

    Video: China In Focus, June 19, 2020, Youtube

    India and China at loggerheads….

    Video: China In Focus, June 18, 2020, Youtube

    China coronavirus trending …

    Video: China In Focus, June 17, 2020, Youtube

    Some lockdowns…

    Video: NTD, June 15, 2020, Youtube

    Mass testings…

    Video: NTD, June 17, 2020, Youtube

    And some general analysis…

    Video: The CrossRoad With Joshua Philipp, June 19, 2020, Youtube

    A little catching up on China news updates…

    Video: CrossRoads With Joshua Philipp, June 17, 2020, Youtube

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