CoronaVirus Asia: China’s Exotic Animals Eating Habits, WHO Slammed

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Yourbing Staff Thursday April 16, 2020

*Featured: Nine News Australia, April 15, 2020, Youtube

Sky News Australia…There was a lab research about a prevention of coronavirus outbreak as a result of previous SARS epidemic….

Video: Sky News Australia, April 15, 2020, Youtube

Crossroads With Joshua Phillipp…

Video: Crossroads With Joshua Philipp, April 16, 2020, Youtube

China harbors wildlife eating galore with a deep culture of eating snakes, turtles, beavers, bats, primate meats, civet musk, rhino horns and other animals…

Video: Sky News Australia,

Wuhan Huanan Seafood Market…as a result of wild animals sold at the market but the story is muddled at best as to the exact root cause of the crisis. There might have been other cover ups of the real, actual sources of the beginning and actual victims of the virus. Information were suppressed to counter the spread which scientists pointed to, from bats.

Video: CrossRoads With Joshua Phillpp, April 7, 2020, Youtube

The over-stretched resources of the earth and over-exploitation of protected nature, access to them and the under-reporting them caused the diseases to explode to a crisis….

Video: NBC News, April 9, 2020, Youtube

Slams WHO…

Video: Nine News Australia, April 15, 2020, Youtube

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