CoronaVirus Asia: Companies Fights

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Yorbing Staff Wednesday 20, 2020

*Featured Image: HWZ Forum, ‘Should Govt Allow 30,000 China Workers To Return?‘ April 2, 2020.

Infighting and bickering slows down Asians’ own companies…

Video: NTD, May 19, 2020, Youtube

Infection was discovered it was contagious…but China replicates data numbers, i.e., the methodology of data collection of tests for the virus might be muddled, while countries simply mimic China’s methodology for increment or decline of infection rate. We are yet to see what is going on at the moment.

Video: China In Focus -NTD, May 19, 2020, Youtube

NTD Analysis can lack objectivity, why, shouldn’t China defend itself against its western competitors and against Russia? The NTD report shows amazing feats that Chinese show to offset the difficulties of the coronavirus ravaging the cities. China is an important market that U.S. and European fashion houses go for merchandise into the malls, like JC Penny, Macys, Zara (European) H&M, etc. However its not only Made-In-China or Made-In-Taiwan or Made-In-South Korea gadgets and cars or Made-In Japan cars that make the world go around, in fact it makes it pretty lucrative for fierce competition, not just the Chinese Communist Party put-put-put, blah blah, but other stakeholders who are determine to get a piece of the pie, like UK and Germany/France alliance.

Video: China In Focus -NTD, May 20, 2020, Youtube

Empty streets….

Video: Channel 4 News, May 4, 2020, Youtube

Economic effects….

Video: The Epoch Times, April 22, 2020, Youtube

There’s so much distrust and schism within American social fabric making handling of the pandemic more difficult to handle…

Video: ABC News In-depth, April 21, 2020, Youtube

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