CoronaVirus Asia: Confucianism Isn’t Going ANYWHERE! China Do Your Thang

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Yorbing Staff Saturday May 23, 2020

*Featured: NTD, May 22, 2020, Youtube

Confucius learning is not going anywhere, you ass moron…

Some boiling points in Chinese politics, that panders to Whites’ hegemony.

Video: China In Focus-NTD, May 23, 2020, Youtube

While angry White-British-Australia meddles in China’s internal affairs…

Video: Sky News Australia, May 23, 2020, Youtube

While Hong Kong media grasp the Trump Administration for dear life as it grapples with China…

Video: Arrange News, May 23, 2020, Youtube

While Chinese nationalism also comes in fever-pitch media…grabbing ‘The U.S-Trump Administration’s” coat-tails for some much needed power recognition and legitimacy

Video: CGTN, May 21, 2020, Youtube

English speaking is out the window for some…

And then Brazil’s murderous president sits closely with his cabinet just to spread the virus while his country people lay in mass-graves…

Video: Al Jazeera English, May 23, 2020, Youtube

Poor souls…wish for a compassionate leader, not one flashy person who will betray your trust…

Video: Al Jazeera English, May 23, 2020, Youtube

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