CoronaVirus Asia: Huawei, Democracy Fights

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Yorbing Staff Wednesday May 28, 2020

*Featured: Arirang News, Seoul, SK, May 28, 2020, Youtube

European colluders are made to look good in the eyes of democratic-leaning Asians….

Video: NTD, May 26, 2020, Youtube

Gives a little too much clout to the dragon?… How did U.S. become so entangled with Asia and China in particular, given that China is not really Japan? Well, Japan sided with Germans to go to war with the west, so perhaps, with the same key players, the west will always pick up petty quarrels with its neighbors, business partners and traders, and then invade them No self discipline there, so why are ‘capitalist-Asia- politicians actively coerce westerners in American politics to do the same thing over and over again? Chinese second-status economy causes it to be equally motivated to be face its arch-enemy, the United States, aka new Europe-across-the-pond-power, as if it has moral authority to be fair. Its prestige is to send its Ministers and policians kids to lucrative schools and deals and then brag about how successful they were to con American-Europeans in particular. Chinese elite want to rub shoulders with, and feel equal to, America, the United States, catch it?

Video: China In Focus- NTD, May 27, n2020, Youtube

China can easily go to the United Nations and the World Bank or IMF for trade complaints, but WTO is in turn coerced by United European imperialists and its innovative wing, technology and military. Chinese elite simply want like-mind western politicians and businesses, to collude and steal from us and share the monies among themselves.

Video: Zooming In With Simone Gao, May 27, 2020, Youtube

Is Xi Jingping evil?

Video: China In Focus-NTD, May 28, 2020, Youtube

Hong Kong? I thought we were more concern about the origins of the virus and Hong Kong’s autonomy might be the case of internal affairs with China? People are dropping dead, why should we be concerned about Hong Kong that was part of China?

Would the Epoch Times’ advocacy for Chinese capitalism and democracy work with Russia, its boss?

Video: The Epoch Times

Chinese capitalists push hard for democracy and other important rights for the Chinese citizens. But how long will it last? Forever?

Video: NTD, May 25, 2020, Youtube

China plays dirty at the U.N. against its own minority populations.

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