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    CoronaVirus Asia: Resurges


    Apr 21, 2020
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    Yorbing Staff, Tuesday April 21, 2020

    *Featured: NTD, April 20, 2020, Youtube.

    China keeps information about the enormity of the situation under wraps…causing people to trust that its not very serious.

    Video: NTD, April 18, 2020, Youtube

    China and some countries suppress the full extent of the horror so people do not know how serious the situation is …

    Video: Crossroads With Joshua Philipp, April 20, 2020, Youtube

    Medical staff are collapsing…

    Video: CGTN, Feb 23, 2020, Youtube

    And shaking…

    Video: South China Morning Post, Jan 17, 2020, Youtube

    What is happening is so serious that its not money you need but preservation of your life…

    Video: NTD, Jan 31, 2020, Youtube

    The reason why people do not take it serious is because China suppressed the horror of the situation from leaking out so people still feel relatively safe that they can bluff it, when its so deadly…

    Video: NTD, Feb 10, 2020, Youtube

    The true situation of the pandemic is concealed

    Video: NTD, Feb 4, 2020, Youtube

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