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    CoronaVirus Asia: There’s A Mutual Euro-Asiatic Obsession About America


    May 12, 2020
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    Yorbing Staff Tuesday May 12, 2020

    *Featured Image: ToonsMag.com, ‘Covid 19 And Economic Crisis’, By Seyran Caferli, March 11, 2020.

    Commendably excellent Epoch Times…

    Video: The Epoch Times, May 11, 2020, Youtube

    Hawkish Chinese look to swoop in for the now-made-vulnerable…It looks as if China sic-on infested individuals to travel to key economies in Europe and America, knowing fully well that some of them might be carrying the virus strain (flu pandemic) unless we don’t know, of course…or perhaps plant a stooge in the Fed Reserve government for its bidding…

    Video: China In Focus – NTD,

    Asian diasporans in America wants to prevent a backlash of their communities in north America in a tell-all piece by Zooming In With Simone Gao, while they also decry racism against them in the United States…

    American investors set up companies in China to also influence Chinese businesses and influence them, its a two way street which President Xi Jinping said it was ‘a win-win situation between equals‘…That is pretty incriminating, if on one hand U.S. politicians and investors accuse China of too much trade influence, while the Westerners does even worse. China is simply giving the same measure of dosage to its trading partner as the wise-ass Westerner does to them. U.S. is never a victim, and we all know that, because China made is crystal clear right from the beginning. China did not hide its agenda as Westerners does, as always. China is simply mimicking the language of Westerners.

    Just watch snippets if its too long.
    Video: Zooming In With Simone Gao, April 18, 2020, Youtube

    Then there are element of Westerners who are hawkish in acquiring Chinese companies for themselves. So the Western companies packed up and left to be in the boudoir of the O-so-ever-alluring Asian markets, trail-blazed by ancient trade networks. China simply became more creative and daring as they developed, forgetting what made it unsustainable in the first place. UK’s coronavirus death rate might be way higher than its being reported, because of they were the most avant-garde about it and even snobbed the E.U. membership with the assurance that British’s trade with China and beyond Asian market may be too lucrative for it to have that baleful-EU-with-Germany as its leader, ahem. Japan, of course grows stronger with Germany, as chummies of WWII, and part of UK hates that.

    There’s an interesting video series, Economy Explained, that compares and contrasts mineral deposits around the world and this particular series, seem to consistently spoofs at Congo, for managing its resources poorly. EE is agitating some gullible Congolese to take the hint and dig some rare earth minerals to prospective Western investors, again, to teach China a lesson for being uppity with its natural resources.

    American workers pay for the crimes of suppression of the virus by Chinese government…

    Video: Vox, May 5, 2020, Youtube

    And intimidation of its own citizens…

    Video: China In Focus -NTD, May 6, 2020, Youtube

    As U.S. economy tanks…

    Video; Wall Street Journal, May 5, 2020, Youtube

    China tries to turn the table against Westerners’ own game…Unfortunately China acquires an expensive taste for wealth and falls into greedy desires to take it all….The In-roads to American chambers was like a butter, nothing felt so favored as the Chinese.

    Video: NTD, May 5, 2020, Youtube

    Asians adore the attention Westerners shower on them and they become westerners and westerners become them in their company chambers. Nothing felt as right as in each others companies like Samsung, Google, Apple, Huawei, Toyota, KIA, fashion NOVA etc All exclusive as they actively participated in debauchery and racism as undertone for their BS. We’ve been here before. China selected and divided Americans through quiet diplomacy to isolate Black America in the most obviously sad ways, stroking the ego of White corporate leaders. Its all about White hegemony and no Blacks were invited. Infacts Blacks were shun like the plaque, carefully cultivated to insidiously woo and win clout when they knew America’s history. They wooed and devised ways to deal with America’s diversity separately.

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