CoronaVirus: Controversy Over Vaccine Test On Africans

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Yorbing Staff, Friday April 10, 2020

*Featured: Arise News, Nigeria, April 5, 2020, Youtube

The French want to test Coronavirus trial in Africa…The suggestion is so evil that it reminds the world of Germans test of gas-chambering, first in Namibia then to Auschwitz and beyond Poland.

Video: KTN News Kenya, April 5, 2020, Youtube

Beginnings of reported cases of student from Beijing into Ivory Coast…

Video: eNCA, Jan 29, 2020, Youtube

The Ivorian community fearful of the virus…

Video: Al Jazeera English, April 8, 2020, Youtube

How the virus started arriving into Ivory Coast…

Video: CGTN, Jan 27, 2020, Youtube

Into Egypt by a German…

Video: SABC Digital News, March 11, 2020, Youtube

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