CoronaVirus Era: A Little Healthy Dose Of Racism

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Yorbing Staff Thursday, Nov 5, 2020. *Featured: PBS NewsHour, Nov 5, 2020, Youtube.

A little weapon of Republican Party that wins consistently for decades, Latino voters…

Latinos have consistently betrayed Democrats at elections for ages because they are the original instigators of Black racism for hundreds of years and starters of slavery in the New World. Latinos are the secret backbone of White supremacy, known to the European world bar none. No wonder Trump wins in shocking ways.

Video: The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, Nov 5, 2020, Youtube

White hegemons hide in Australian politics and copycat torture of indigenous people to extinction … The specter is in the eye of the beholder …again…

Video: Al Jazeera English, Nov 5, 2020, Youtube

So grrrr…

Video: The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, Nov 5, 2020, Youtube

China is totally unattractive to some prospectors, who might dearly love to see China shrink to nothingness because of the havoc it wreaked on world markets and the world’s health in general, not to mention, the environment.

Video: Ruptly, Nov 5, 2020, Youtube

For Africa, Nigeria, as the biggest country in Africa, is an unpalatable problem to behold. Nigeria’s dirty problems are pretty disturbing and seem unsurmountable. They produce some pretty amazing entertainment pieces, eg Tiwa Savage etc but have the most horrendous government ever. Chaotic, dirty politics, arm-robbery and thieving politicians, who simply harbor dollars in fridges and in their cabinets. Nigeria can never lead the world as is.

Video: TLDR News, Nov 5, 2020, Youtube


Video: France 24 English, Nov 5, 2020, Youtube

TYT has to be recommended because it has worked awesomely tirelessly to advocate for justice and brought peace. TYT must be commended …. πŸ‘

Moreover bullying trade partners becomes fodder for corrupt China favors…humph…πŸ˜’ 😳 stupid jackass Iranian leader Ayatollah Khomeini …

Video: Al Jazeera English, Nov 4, 2020, Youtube

And of course the new kid on the block, Indian-Black American Kamala Harris (Don’t forget to mention “Indian’, India …what the ….?

Video: Courtesy Of Tony Dortie -24/7 Eyes , Nov 5, 2020, Youtube

Ok sit back … I need a pop …who’s gonna cry tonight …? 🀧

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