CoronaVirus Era Africa: Prep To Say A Long Goodbye

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Yorbing Staff Wednesday, November 25, 2020. *Featured: CitiTube, Nov 24, 2020, Youtube.

Is this a cow’s nose or what? This style must be defaced … 🥳

Video: BBC News Africa

Africans’ music consistently indulges in soft- porn music …one day the ax will fall…

Video: Legacy Life Entertainment, Nov 19, 2020, Youtube

Some salaciousness from Nigeria …

Video: Adeola Fayehun, Nov 25, 2020, Youtube

And we are not generating much views as we might want to, O Dear ….

Video: Yorbing News Media, Nov 24, 2020, Youtube

Twerkingly vicious entertaining …

Video: Eazzyfirstlady, Nov 5, 2020, Youtube

But is above comparable to South Korea’s BTS music group..?

Video: Big Hit Labels, Aug 21, 2020, Youtube

In a saccharine sweet pewk … but winning souls…

Video: Big Hit Labels, Nov 20, 2020, Youtube

While Adina Thembi seem to be trending well…

Video: Adina Thembi, Oct 16, 2020, Youtube

Typically, Africa news, entertainment doesn’t quickly catch on as FAST as we might want it to, O Dear. Unacceptable low.

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