CoronaVirus Era: Asia Couldn’t Succeed In A New Vaccine

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Yorbing Staff Tuesday, November 24, 2020. *Featured: Arirang News, Nov 24, 2020, Youtube.

Is this interest in Biden Administration’s picks to start bribing them for favors and new discoveries to copy …? Asia is still deeply dependent on U.S. inventive prowess for their covid infection rates …

Video: Arirang News, Nov 24, 2020, Youtube

And dependent on a vaccine to save their hides…

Video: Arirang News, Nov 24, 2020, Youtube

Asia’s economy starts to fuel the world again? A critical look at Asia markets allures …

Video: Arirang News, Nov 15, 2020, Youtube

Does China’s Belt & Road Policy working after coronaVirus pandemic …?

Video: DW News, Nov 24, 2020, Youtube

Macabre in China …

Video: China In Focus -NTD, Nov 24, 2020, Youtube

Tibet’s allure …

Video: CNA Insider, Nov 23, 2020, Youtube

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