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    CoronaVirus Era: Biden Leads In U.S. Election


    Nov 3, 2020
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    Yorbing Staff, Wednesday, Nov 4, 2020. *Featured: MSNBC, Nov 4, 2020, Youtube.

    A little win for Trump …

    Video: NBC News, Nov 4, 2020, Youtube

    Some boogie time for Trump …

    Video: Courtesy of Andy Hopson, Oct 14, 2020, Youtube

    New York during covid era for vote …

    Video: The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, Nov 4, 2020, Youtube

    Some cartwheels for U.K.’s covid lockdown…

    Video: Sky News, Nov 1, 2020, Youtube

    A proactive African man tries to get back African stolen art …

    Video: TRT World Now, Oct 25, 2020, Youtube

    Nine months ago …🤪 …Resort 2020…

    Video: FF Channel, Dec 22, 2019, Youtube

    Eeiish …gossip …

    Video: OSSA, Oct 29, 2020, Youtube

    Nigeria is as dirty as ever …indubitably ….

    Video: Adeola Fayehun, Nov 3, 2020, Youtube

    And lastly … pompous and racist Indians throw dirt at equally lethal Pakistanis …

    Video: DW News, Nov 3, 2020, Youtube

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