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    CoronaVirus Era: Ghana Reels On The Rawlings Factor


    Nov 17, 2020
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    Yorbing Staff Tuesday, November 17, 2020. *Featured: GhanaWeb TV, Nov 17, 2020, Youtube.

    Ghana must modernize its health system completely or they will continue to have these devastating losses.

    NDC party leader ex-President Mahama sign book of condolence …

    Video: GhanaWeb TV, Nov 16, 2020, Youtube

    A little tribal politics -Rawlings is Ewe in Ghanaian tribal affiliation …

    Video: KOFI TV, Nov 15, 2020, Youtube

    Rawlings’ relatives address, led by his children, son Kimathi and daughter Zanetor …

    Video: Reblesstv Ghana, Nov 16, 2020, Youtube

    The statement below, is that true, did NDC stand for transparency and uncorrupt ..? Nada 🤪

    Video: GhanaWeb TV, Nov 13, 2020, Youtube

    Demised Ex-President Atta Mills’ son, Sam, signs book of condolence …

    Video: GhanaWeb TV, Nov 16, 2020, Youtube

    A dirge prelims during vigil …

    Video: KOFI TV, Nov 16, 2020, Youtube

    Has been more of rivalry among coup plotters or plain divisive politics…?

    Video: Al Jazeera English, Nov 13, 2020, Youtube

    Rawlings’ family version of a harsh determined personality in their home and nation Ghana …

    Video: GhanaWeb, Nov 15, 2020, Youtube

    The general fear is poor health facilities in the country. The health system, as a whole, is poorly run. Titled ‘doctors’ are in name only. Most of the medical staffs, especially the doctors, are deemed demigods and pompously so. Most of the hospitals and clinical facilities are not fit for humans, yet they exist to serve the Ghanaian patients. Rawlings is a victim of his own lack of care, when he could have gone to seek medical help from UK or from an advanced economy. It’s a totally unnecessary death.

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