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    CoronaVirus Era: Ghana’s Ex-President Rawlings Passes, Africa Politics


    Nov 12, 2020
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    Yorbing Staff, Thursday, November 12, 2020. *Featured: iBrandTV, Nov 12, 2020, Youtube.

    Ghana’s ex-president Jerry John Rawling passed away today. Lets mourn a great leader: Here’s a tidbit of his memorial:

    Video: CitiTube, Nov 12, 2020, Youtube

    Cheikh Anta Diop gets a statue for giving hard-To-Read Africans some dignity in their own history. Admit it, Africans HATE to read …everything is about witchcraft with music 🤩 and then blames everyone else, including Europe and America for their own ineptitude.

    Video: 2Nacheki, Nov 11, 2020, Youtube

    Bad leadership creates incessant wars, nothing less. Those who want peace and love, live in harmony with nature. Those who want peace and love strive to make peace and love work in their communities. But those who create chaos die of wanting peace and love, even by their graveyards.

    Video: France 24 English, Nov 10, 2020, Youtube

    In Ghana, the media does not do their due diligence, as a co-balance-of-power system, so their leaders work alone, with a type of centrism that causes them to look inefficient. For example, Kojo Oppong Nkrumah’s name sounds like his dad is Nkrumah but is he? No.

    Video: CitiTube, Oct 27, 2020, Youtube

    So NDC, the opposition party to Akufo-Addo’s administration accuses him of stealing money through his cousins … 😂

    Video: GhanaWeb, Nov 10, 2020, Youtube

    Akufo-Addo’s administration hit back with shaky evidence that monies (siphoned …?) were used to build factories in One District One Factory policy.

    Video: GhanaWeb Tv, Nov 10, 2020, Youtube

    Ghana’s politics is typically boring and does not create the usual buzz of excitement and drama that US politics does. So viewing is low and interest is low. That’s what plagues us, as bloggers. For some of us, Ghana remains a poorly managed, poverty-ridden dangerous country with high risks for diseases, with theft problems, just like its neighbor, Nigeria.

    Ghana media does not speak English properly …. and won’t budge from reading Twi in international affairs… In Ghanaian politics local is international and international is, regrettably, local. Ghanaian politicians practically LOATH change. They’d rather beg than invent modernistically, to solve their economic problems. Hygiene, law & order is chaotic. Ecowas Regional road network is stingily constructed. This leaves a dangerously crude, cheaply-built, and incomplete road for drivers to contend with.

    Video: UTV Ghana Online, Nov 9, 2020, Youtube

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