CoronaVirus Era: Kamala Harris, Celebrate The Moment …🥳

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Yorbing Staff, Wednesday, November 11, 2020. *Featured: ABC News, Nov 10, 2020, Youtube.

A new Black woman is a feat …

Video: The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, Nov 10, 2020, Youtube

Of course White dudes smirk and condemn …

Video: ET Canada, Oct 27, 2020, Youtube

Harris’ family … a snapshot at VP Harris …

Video: Inside Edition, Nov 9, 2020, Youtube

VP Harris’ speech …

Video: Guardian News, Nov 8, 2020, Youtube

Family this credible…? 🧐

Video: Useful Charts, Aug 7, 2020, Youtube

And generous …

Video: Inside Edition, Nov 9, 2020, Youtube

Unashamedly ambitious and sticks to it to the best end …

Video: The Talko, Sept 10, 2020, Youtube

She and Biden did it congratulations to each other properly…

Video: Guardian News, Nov 7, 2020, Youtube

And on the ground campaigning … she put herself forward, unafraid of the fierce criticism that Black women and people of color endure for a long time …

Video: CNN, Aug 11, 2020, Youtube

Some pretty harsh glass ieling to shatter that Hillary Clinton couldnt …

Video: TODAY, Nov 9, 2020, Youtube

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