CoronaVirus Era: Lukashenko The Bitch, Thai Bitch King

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Yorbing Staff Monday, September 28, 2020. *Featured: Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Sept 27, 2020, Youtube.

Video: Radio Free Europe /Radio Liberty, Sept 27, 2020, Youtube

Manhandling of the hapless citizens….

Video: Global News, Sept 26, 2020, Youtube

From a viewpoint…

Video: DW News, Sept 27, 2020, Youtube

Thais also struggle…

Video: Vice, Sept 28, 2020, Youtube

Push and shove between Belarusian police and protestors…

Video: Global News, Sept 26, 2020, Youtube

Now the reason for Thais protest…

Video: CNA, Sept 25, 2020, Youtube

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