CoronaVirus Era: Protests In Nigeria, Belarus, France v Turkey

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Yorbing Staff Monday October 26, 2020. *Featured: France 24, Oct 25, 2020, Youtube.

France faces off Turkey’s unfeeling attitude towards the French’s horror and disgust against Muslim barbarism in France ….

Belarus wont their government to just disappear …

Video: Global News, Oct 25, 2020, Youtube

Buhari sits pretty ….

Video: DW News, Oct 24, 2020, Youtube

Irate Nigerians wont have it anymore …

Video: BBC News Africa, Oct 22, 2020, Youtube

Reason? Nigeria’s own nasty police forces …

Video: BBC News Africa, Oct 21, 2020, Youtube

Nigerians pitch battle with their violent police force …

Video: Reuters, Oct 22, 2020, Youtube

Water is one of the causes for the conflicts below …

Video: Al Jazeera English, Oct 25, 2020, Youtube

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