CoronaVirus Era: Sore Losers Want To Destroy

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Yorbing Staff, Wednesday, November 11, 2020. *Featured: MSNBC, Nov 11, 2020, Youtube.

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Video: The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, Nov 11, 2020, Youtube

A broken promise NOT to be clownish …

Video: NBC News, Nov 11, 2020, Youtube

Classlessly troubling indeed …

Video: Inside Edition, Nov 10, 2020, Youtube

Republicans are simply BAD people, evil and demeaning to others so they could look better….bitch asses …

Video: The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, Nov 10, 2020, Youtube

Even Stiffly stoic people notice …

Video: BBC News, Nov 10, 2020, Youtube

Trump plans to contest election results …

Video: The Young Turks, Nov 10, 2020, Youtube

This for an election …? SHAME !

Video: Sky News, Nov 2, 2020, Youtube

In conclusion,

Video: ABC News In-depth, Nov 11, 2020, Youtube

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