CoronaVirus Era: This Time, Baba, You Are Wrong 😏 πŸͺ“

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Yorbing Staff Monday, Nov 2, 2020. *Featured: TRT World, Oct 31, 2020, Youtube.

Who wants to tolerate heads being chopped? And how and where did you Muslims learn this heinously gruesome culture…? Stop being in denial

China’s economic recovery ?

Video: DW News, Nov 2, 2020, Youtube

Vienna terror …

Video: France 24, English, Nov 2, 2020, Youtube

A rehash of Trump …

Video: The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, Nov 2, 2020, Youtube

Toxic, Thai king on a smooching trip to his fellow citizens …

Video: Guardian News, Nov 2, 2020, Youtube

Video: NBC News, Nov 2, 2020, Youtube

WHO chief gets cororavirus …

Video: Arirang News, Nov 2, 2020, Youtube

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