CoronaVirus Era: U.S. Election Gets EU On Hook

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Yorbing Staff Saturday, October 31, 2020. Featured: CNN, Oct 30, 2020, Youtube.

E.U on edge about U.S election results …?

Video: France 24 English, Oct 31, 2020, Youtube

UK’s media opinion about their high coronavirus infection is deeply denied …

Video: BBC News, Oct 30, 2020, Youtube

Election fights still heated up …πŸ”₯

Video: NBC News, Oct 31, 2020, Youtube

Shocking earthquake in Turkey when their president, acerbic dictator Erdogan is busily unrepentant about murderous Muslims’ killing in France ..

Video: Sky News, Oct 30, 2020, Youtube

Some real terror …

Video: Sky News, Oct 30, 2020, Youtube

Turkey in a tail’s spin after just dissing France there’s a huge earthquake, o dear … thou shalt not diss thy friends …

Video: Global News, Oct 30, n2020, Youtube

And Muslims killing Christians in churches …what an ass bitch …

Video: Global News, Oct 29, 2020, Youtube

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